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Fauquier Education Farm


The Fauquier Education Farm is a learning resource for students, farmers, gardeners and anyone wanting to learn more about how food is grown.

We offer a broad range of activities to showcase how to plant, maintain and harvest fresh wholesome vegetables while also being good stewards of the land. These activities include:

    Volunteer Workdays
    Workshop Series
    Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program
    New Farmer Incubator Program



Volunteer Workdays

The best way to learn is to get your hands dirty!

Workdays offer hands-on learning for the community at large. With only one paid employee, the Fauquier Education Farm could not survive without lots of volunteer help. We want all of our volunteers, from school kids to seniors, to develop an understanding of how each crop is produced.  The Farm Director’s function, assisted by the Fauquier Master Gardener volunteers, is to teach as we work. Go to our, How to Help, page to sign up to receive weekly emails detailing when we are working that week. Our work hours change throughout the season due to weather and different seasonal crop needs.


An important aspect of being an Education Farm is to conduct a wide variety of demonstration projects to showcase a range of agricultural best practices. These projects include field trials to see which crops work best in our area, cultural practices such as planting in plastic covered beds or into no till cover crops, farmscaping to encourage beneficial insects, or many other agricultural ideas that are put to the test and grown under real world conditions.

We partner with Virginia Tech, Virginia State University, John Marshall Soil and Water Conservation District, and state and federal agencies such as the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to provide timely, valuable information to the farming community through these demonstrations.