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Upcoming Workshops

Whether a variety trial or a conservation project our demonstration projects would be of no value unless we share the information.  For every project we have a Workshop where we invite anyone interested in learning about what we are doing, and why, to come to the farm and see for themselves. We are committed to holding ten of these workshops each year on a wide variety of agricultural and conservation topics. These are on-farm meetings that are well advertised and are always free and open to the public.

    Fauquier Education Farm 2019 Workshop Series

The Fauquier Education Farm Workshop Series is a learning resource for farmers and home gardeners of all experience levels. You can pick and choose any workshops that may interest you with no expectation that you need to attend them all. These workshops are free and open to everyone. These will be held rain or shine and children are always welcome.

January 26, 10am-12pm: It's Time to Start Planning

Join us for the first workshop of the year. It's Time to Start Planning will take you through the full calendar year in the garden, when you should plant your crops and when to schedule your garden task. We'll also be introducing the rest of the 2019 Workshop Series and tell you how you can be a part of everything we do at the Fauquier Education Farm. Plus we'll have free seed catalogs!


May 14, 6-8pm: Soil, It's Alive!

We will talk about treating your garden soil as a living organism and how you can use this to improve long term soil health as well as increase your crop yields. We’ll have friends from the Prince William Soil and Water Conservation District on hand to talk about the biological life that helps make our soils more productive and how you can nurture your soils microbiome.


May 30, 6-8pm: Lazy Bed Production

Join us as we show how the use of thick hay mulch in your garden can reduce weeding, conserve moisture and add fertility. We will be growing potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes using this method. A Lazy Bed will work on much more than just potatoes, and your boots will stay clean too!


June 12, 6-8pm: Organic No-Till

We will show how we are successfully using No-Till techniques on a variety of crops without using herbicides. A combination of no-till cover crops and landscape fabric has been highly effective at the Ed Farm, and avoids using herbicides to manage the cover crops.


June 25, 6-8pm: 3D Deer Fencing

Deer can be a major pest in the garden, but a 3D Deer fence can be an effective way to keep them out, without costing a fortune. This is a simple configuration of an electric fence that confuses the deer and has proven to keep them out. Don’t let Bambi destroy all of your hard work, this is an easy, low cost way to protect your garden.


July 17, 6-8pm: Cut Flower Basics

Cut Flowers can be a profitable enterprise for new farmers, and a joy for home gardeners too. In this workshop we will introduce you to some of the basic varieties and techniques you might want to consider if you think you are ready to step up your cut flower production game.


July 30, 6-8pm: Culinary Herbs

Add some spice to your garden as we introduce you to the new culinary herb bed at the Education Farm. We’ll have a mixture of perennial and annual herbs growing and show you how we are doing it. We’ll also have Chef Natalie Ortiz along to talk about inventive ways to use the bounty from your garden and add a little spice to your life.


August 14, 6-8pm: Seedless Watermelon Production

We’ll have a variety trial of different seedless watermelons and will show you some of the ins and outs of growing this very popular and profitable crop at home. Of course, we’ll have a taste testing too so you can decide for yourself which is best.


September 14, 6-8pm: Fall Planted/Spring Harvest

Some crops do best when planted in the fall to overwinter and then harvest the following spring. We’ll explore planting both strawberries and garlic and everything thing you need to know about establishing these important cash crops.


Contact Jim Hankins at fauquieredfarm@gmail.com or 540 336 4338